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Completely Free Assessment | Free & Easy Shipping | 900+ Positive Customer Reviews Across Google | Lowest Prices | Fast Service | 12 Month Warranty


Have you spilt liquid on your MacBook? Is your MacBook just not turning on or you need a different MacBook Repair? We can help. Call us on 0333 577 0622 for a chat, or book online by clicking the button above

Completely Free Assessment: We diagnose your Mac free of charge; if we can't fix it, or you don't want us to repair it, you don't pay a penny. How? We are extremely good at what we do, and our pricing is very reasonable, so it is rare for a customer to not want their MacBook fixed!

Free & Easy Shipping: We provide a tracked and insured label so you can drop off your Mac at any Post Office in the UK. We also pay the return postage back to you and this is also tracked and insured. No waiting for couriers, just package the Mac and drop it off at your local Post Office when convenient using the label we provide you. Easy!

900+ Positive Customer Reviews: We're the right company for the job and have the reviews to prove it. Don't take a gamble using anyone else; click here to see why our customers love us and continue to use us.

Lowest Prices: With prices far lower than Apple and competitors, we are the go to choice. We believe in fair pricing and we offer specialist repairs other companies can't provide. We also only take on MacBook repairs, since we are experts in this field and know what we are good at!

Fast Service: For most Mac repairs we quote up to 5 working days. We only use grade A parts, most of which we keep in stock, to speed up your repair.

12 Month Warranty: For your peace of mind. We offer this length of warranty because we are confident in the work we carry out. This is 4x Apple's and most competitors' warranty periods!