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Exclusions For Free Assessment / No Fix, No Fee

We offer a completely free assessment and no fix, no fee as part of our free assessment services. This means we will cover the postage to us, we'll check out your MacBook for free, and we will ship it back to you, at no charge (Mainland UK), if you don't decide to proceed with the repairs, or it's not economic to repair your MacBook. We do have some exclusions for this free service however, which will not apply to the majority of customers.

Please check the list below for MacBooks which are not covered under the free assessment and no fix, no fee check;

  • If your MacBook is older than 7 years old (2016 and older, as of 2024), there is a £40 charge, if you don't proceed with the repair. 2017 and newer MacBooks (as of 2024) will be returned at no charge, if you decide not to proceed with repairs, or it is unfixable. We love fixing older MacBooks, and are still happy to fix these, but we can't diagnose older models for free due to the age.
  • If your MacBook has prior diagnostic/repair attempts to the logic board (cleaning, rework, reflow or components replaced to fix the issue) or has had prior repair attempts/device tampered with (device is a mess, missing parts or we can see someone has tried to diagnose/fix the issue before sending to us), there is a £40 charge, if you don't proceed with the repair or it's uneconomic. This includes devices being purchased as broken (on eBay, for example) and sent in to be fixed, since these are often already determined to be unfixable. If Apple has opened/diagnosed your MacBook or a different repair has been carried out in the past, this doesn't affect our no fix, no fee service.
  • You are a repair shop or deal with electronic devices as a business (resale, insurance, etc). This is to avoid cases where a MacBook is sent to be diagnosed for free, for the work to then be carried out elsewhere. If you decline the repair, or it's uneconomic, there is a £40 charge to cover our time and postage. We may make exceptions on a case by case basis, or if you are a regular client.
  • We do not repair MacBook Retina 12" A1534 2015-2017 models at all. Due to the huge amount of unfixable manufacturing defects, we do not offer any repairs on these models. We can look to fix these for data recovery purposes only, please get in touch.
  • We do not repair MacBook Pro 15" or 17" 2011 models at all. Due to the huge amount which suffer from the extremely common GPU defect, we don't offer any repairs for these models at all.
  • No issue with the MacBook; problem is non-existent or is caused by software, faulty charger or accessory. For example, if a MacBook is sent to us and the reason it is not charging is a faulty charger, we charge a £60 'no issue' fee to cover postage and our time. It is not fair for us to cover postage costs and time spent diagnosing a MacBook which has no fault.
  • You have sent in the wrong model. For example, if you contact us for a quote to fix your MacBook, and you provide the wrong model details. We agree to take this in based on the model/year details provided to us; if you send in a different model and then decline the work based on the new quote provided, there is a £40 charge to cover our postage costs both ways and our time. We always recommend sending the serial number across, if you aren't 100% sure of the model/year.


We have this in place on older MacBooks, since there is a higher chance the customer will not want to repair the MacBook (since some older MacBooks are not worth as much, and repair can outweigh the value of the device). With prior repair attempts, there is a lower success rate since someone else has 'had a go' at it already, so it again covers our costs in this event.

If you have an older model, or one with a prior repair attempt, simply book it for the free check and make a note of this on the cart page; we'll email to confirm, but this won't be charged upfront, we'll only charge this once the device has been checked out (if you decide not to proceed, or it is unfixable).


If you have a MacBook 7 years old or newer (2017 and newer, as of 2024), and do not meet any of the criteria above, this will be shipped back to you for free, if you decide not to proceed with the repairs we quote or your MacBook is unfixable/uneconomic to repair.