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When sending your MacBook to a company for repair, a good reputation and trust is very important. Whether you decide to get your MacBook fixed through us, another national company or a place local to you; we highly recommend using a company with plenty of fantastic reviews for repairing MacBooks, with a decent warranty and upfront pricing.

If you want to check our customer reviews, we have listed the websites where our reviews can be found below;


Please keep in mind all of our reviews are for MacBook repairs or Mac upgrades! We do not repair any other devices (phones, tablets, etc), and all of our customers have used us to repair their MacBook.

Watch out for companies 'bribing' customers for reviews! We have noticed some companies are asking customers to leave them a 5 star review on multiple platforms in exchange for an increase in their warranty period, a discount on the repair or another incentive of some sort. We do not do this and have never done this, we believe this is extremely dishonest and doesn't give an accurate representation of the service provided. We are proud that all customers who have left us a review have done so with no incentive, spending their own time to share their experience with us.

If you are a customer and want to leave us a review, you can leave one on FreeIndex here, our Google page here, or Trustpilot here. Thanks for taking the time to detail your experience with us!