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Liquid Damage / Water Recovery Service

Liquid Damage / Water Recovery Service

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Pick this service if your MacBook has come in contact with any form of liquid, and is either not functioning at all, or only has partial functionality. Please read below for more information on how this service works, turnaround and common problems we see. 

Once this service is booked in through our website, you will receive an insured label (£1000 insurance, option to increase this when booking) which you can use to send your MacBook across to us free of charge, to any Post Office in the UK. Alternatively you can use your own courier, if this is easier for you. For more details on how the service as a whole works, click here.

If you want the device returned, or the device is not economical to repair, there is no charge; the initial insured label and insured return postage are completely free and there are no admin/hidden charges.


How This Service Works

We will firstly clean the liquid using a professional Crest ultrasonic cleaner, and then diagnose the device, finding out what is required to get this fully working. If the initial clean recovers the device, there is no lasting damage which could cause any issues in future and the device does not require any parts; we will charge £69.99 to cover the time spent on the device and postage.

If the device can be recovered through additional parts (battery, keyboard, etc), we will contact you with a quote and it is your decision whether to go ahead with the work required. If the fault is related to the logic board, which is common, repairs are carried out for between £80-£200, depending on the complexity of the issue. We have this price range to ensure you are not getting overcharged for a potentially easy and quick repair.


    Turnaround Time

    The initial check up can take up to 5 working days, but we try to deal with items as quickly as possible.
    Any work which is required will take 2-3 working days to carry out, since we may need to order parts in and want to ensure the device is fully tested. If the additional work will take longer to complete for any reason, we will inform you at the time of contacting you for the quote.


    Common Issues

    There are too many issues to list which are caused by liquid damage, but we have listed some of the more common problems we come across below;

    • Dead or booting issues
    • Backlight issues
    • Damaged or faulty screen
    • Logic board issues
    • Running slow
    • High fan spin
    • Trackpad and/or keyboard faults
    • Port issues
    • Not recognising battery or other battery issues

    Repair Service Warranty

    For any parts we have fitted for this service, we will give you peace of mind and provide a 12 month warranty.

    Please note, this warranty is valid on successful completion of a repair, and does not cover physical or liquid damage which has occurred after the initial repair. We can only warranty any work we carry out, we cannot warranty the whole device.

    For full details, please visit our Terms & Conditions.