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Delivery To Us

All orders include a free 24hr drop off label, which will allow you to drop your device off to any 11,000+ Post Offices in the UK (insured up to £1000, with options to increase this when booking).

After booking with us, you will receive an insured drop off label emailed to you within a couple of hours (Monday-Friday, 9:30am-4:30pm). You can then package your device up and drop this off at a local Post Office. You must drop this off at a Post Office, these cannot be dropped off at Royal Mail depots.

For the delivery to us, there is a weight limit of 15KG and parcel size limit of 59cm x 59cm x 59cm; when sending one device it will be well under this limit, and we do not recommend overpacking it. If your parcel has exceeded these limits, the Post Office may not accept the item and if they do, you will be forwarded any costs we incur from our courier since it has exceeded the size and/or weight limit. It is important you use plain packaging; do not send it in anything which makes it obvious the parcel contains a MacBook, otherwise this will make it an unnecessary target and void the transit insurance for the parcel. 

For packaging, we recommend a small box and bubblewrap, with enough clearance between the MacBook and outer box to prevent damage. If you need a box and bubblewrap, contact us and we can send out what we use at a charge of £12, otherwise, we suggest buying some at a local newsagent/Post Office or recycling packaging from online purchases.

Labels expire within 7 days of receipt; please do not try to send a device after this time period otherwise it will not be accepted or could cause issues. Instead, please disregard the label and contact us for a new label when ready to send. If a label is used after 7 days, this can cause delays, and will not be covered for loss since it does not receive proper volumetric size and weight scans through depots, along with other data required when claiming through insurance. We state to use the label within this timeframe clearly on the email containing the label.

Options are available whilst booking to increase the insured amount on delivery to us. It is recommended you select the required insurance amount whilst booking the order, but all devices are insured up to £1000 free of charge. We cannot be held responsible if the item is not fully insured for its full amount, and this is your responsibility as the sender/receiver of the package. The charge to increase insurance is non-refundable, even if the device is not fixed. In the case of a claim, the payout for the device is equivalent to it's current scrap value; the courier will not pay out for the device's working value, since it is not fully functional when sent across to us. If you have not received an email from us confirming receipt of your device within 4 days of posting it, please get in touch ASAP since devices are more likely to be located the quicker we inform our account manager about this. For more details, please view the section regarding losses and claims.

If you choose not to send an item to us, simply contact us to cancel the order and dispose of any label you may have been sent.


Delivery To You

All orders include free 1 working day return delivery (insured up to £1000) to mainland UK. We can ship to the Scottish Highlands, Northern Ireland and BFPO addresses (or BF postcodes), but this does cost extra and there is an option to do this in our shipping section during checkout of your repair service. Payment for shipping to the above locations is non-refundable, even if the device is not fixed, since it is more expensive for us to ship devices to the above locations.

On dispatch from us, you will be sent a shipping confirmation email and the item will usually be collected the same day (Monday-Friday, unless it is a public holiday). The courier delivers the day after the item has been collected, but does not deliver on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays.

Options are available whilst booking to increase the insured amount on return delivery. It is recommended you select the required insurance amount whilst booking the order, but all devices are shipped back insured up to £1000 free of charge. We cannot be held responsible if the item is not fully insured for its full amount, and this is your responsibility as the sender/receiver of the package. The charge to increase insurance is non-refundable, even if the device is not fixed.

In the rare event a delivered item has suffered damaged in transit, it is your responsibility to report the damage to us within 24hrs, and keep all packaging it arrived in. If it is not reported to us within this time period, we cannot make a claim with the courier due to their time limitations. We package each device in large bubblewrap and place it in a cardboard box with adequate spacing, to ensure items arrive with you safely.

If an item has been lost in transit, we will need a copy of the original receipt for the item in order to make a claim.



Payment for booking a device for repair can be made online via Paypal, credit or debit card, if booking for a paid repair. We will send across an invoice with bank details for any devices which need repairs which have been agreed after assessment.

If a device is booked in for a free assessment (diagnostic/liquid recovery service), and you choose not to proceed with the repairs, there is no charge for returning this to you, not even for the postage both ways. Please read the Diagnostic/Liquid Recovery Service section for details on potential charges (if a device has no issue, a customer changes their mind, etc).

If you have booked a device for a repair, and the device requires more work (or has been booked incorrectly), if you decide not to proceed we can refund you minus £60. This covers our postage both ways and any fees we lose to the card merchant upon booking.



Pricing on website subject to change. All prices include VAT, an insured drop off label to get the device to us and insured return delivery (mainland UK), unless otherwise stated.


Fixed Repair Process

If booking for a fixed repair (keyboard, screen, etc), we aim to repair and dispatch the majority of devices within 1-5 working days, depending on our workload. For each repair on this website, the description will state the turnaround time, and can vary depending on the repair. A working day is any day between Monday-Friday (excluding holidays); days where we repair devices and are able to have parcels collected by a courier.

If there are any unforeseen delays, you will be kept up to date via email. We will always try our best to complete repairs ASAP, we understand you will need your device as quickly as possible.

If your device needs additional work or parts, you will be contacted and given a quote. The turnaround for these repairs vary depending on the parts needed to be ordered in (if applicable). You will always be informed of the estimated shipping time, and will be kept up to date if there are any further delays.

For whatever reason, if you want a device returned to you that has been sent to us for a fixed repair, we will refund you minus a charge of £40 to cover our costs.


Diagnostic/Liquid Recovery Service

The Diagnostic/Liquid Recovery service includes free shipping both ways. If the device can be repaired through minimal work (for example, a loose connection) we will send an invoice across for our costs and return this to you. If the device requires additional work to repair it, you will be contacted within 1-5 working days. On the rare occasion that the service will take longer than this, we will contact you to keep you up to date and explain why.

If there is no fault to be found with the MacBook, or if it is a fault unrelated to the MacBook itself (charger issue, for example), there will be a £60 charge to cover our postage costs and time spent. This charge is also applicable to repair companies sending in a device to us to be checked, if they decide not to go ahead with the work quoted (to avoid companies taking advantage of our free assessment, and doing the quoted work themselves).

If a repair price is agreed, we carry out the fix, and you change your mind, there will be a charge to revert the work and return this to you. This is applicable if you agree to a repair price, and we order across parts specifically for your device. This charge is a minimum of £40, but can be more depending on the amount of work carried out or cost of parts ordered. This may not be possible on certain irreversible work such as logic board repairs (or other soldering, where labour has been carried out), after adhering a new screen panel (since it’s unlikely we will be able to reclaim the part without damage to it), etc.

The Diagnostic/Liquid Recovery service is not a guaranteed fix; if the device cannot be fixed and there have been no prior repair attempts, there is no charge at all, not even for the postage we provide both ways. There are certain terms to this (depending on the age of the device, prior repair attempts, etc) which you can find at the below link;

In the process of diagnosing a device, we may ultrasonic clean the logic board, whether there is liquid damage or not. This may result in the liquid damage indicators being set off, giving the indication that the device has been previously liquid damaged. In proceeding with attempting to repair the original logic board, you agree for this process to be carried out, since it is necessary to clean the logic board correctly.

Please note, due to the nature of liquid damaged devices, it is possible for the liquid damage to cause further issues when the device is used and still has power running through it, or even when sent in to us for diagnosis. We cannot be held responsible if the device develops further issues in our possession, which have been caused by the liquid damage. Over time, the liquid can gradually corrode parts and cause intermittent or permanent issues.

When repairing liquid damaged devices, there will be evidence that the device was previously liquid damaged in the form of the liquid damage indicators being set off, or liquid staining to shields, screws, or other non-electrical parts. It is not possible to erase evidence of previous liquid damage unless all affected parts are replaced with new ones (which is not economic and sometimes not possible).

If your device cannot be repaired at a reasonable cost, we may offer to purchase the device from you at a price decided at the time. It is your choice whether to agree to this, we offer this at your benefit. We have the right to refuse purchase of any device if we deem it too damaged. We may also offer data recovery as an option if possible.

We will not work on devices we believe to be damaged by bodily fluids (blood, urine, vomit, etc), since this is unpleasant and we do not want to put our employees through this. If we receive a device which we suspect has substantial bodily fluid damage, we have the right to refuse to carry out repairs, and return the device to you at a charge of £40 to cover our costs.


Additional Work

Additional work constitutes any extra work required on a device in for repair. Be this a device booked in for a standard repair, or diagnostic/liquid recovery service.

We will contact you within the usual turnaround time for the service booked, to inform you of any additional work required. It is your decision whether to proceed with this work, and if you do not want the work carried out, the device will be returned to you at no charge.

Once we receive payment for additional work, your device will be passed back to a technician to commence work. If any parts need to be ordered to complete the work, you will be informed once you are given a quote for the additional work.

In cases where we need to ‘attempt’ to fix a part first, to see if the repair is possible (logic board repairs, for example, and other work where soldering is required to fix the original part), we will first attempt the repairs within the time stated, and will then invoice for the repair once we know it is repairable. If additional work is then required on top of this (other replaceable parts), we will invoice and then proceed with the replaceable parts, once we know the device is fixable.

If you decline the repair after we have already carried out soldering work (for example, if it needs other parts replaced on top of this), you are still liable to pay for the soldered work carried out, since this is usually not reversible. We offer additional work at a discount compared to normal rates, and we may offer a reduced fee in some circumstances if declining the work, or offer to scrap the device as payment, but this varies case to case.

Additional work usually takes an extra 2-3 working days, but we will inform you at the time of emailing if it may take longer (for example, if the part is difficult to get hold of, or we need to test your device for longer).


Express Service

For certain repairs, we offer an Express Service where we can put your device ahead of the queue and get it repaired quicker than usual. We state the specific turnaround time for this on the repair page, or here.

In this faster service, we will have an update (or ship it, if you are booking your device for a repair like a screen replacement, keyboard replacement, etc) within the stated time.

Please note, if there is a delay caused by the courier itself, we cannot offer reimbursement of the express/priority service charge. We are not in control of the courier company, and cannot be held responsible for any delays caused by them.


Testing Process

For any 2018 or newer MacBook, we require the login password for testing, or we can alternatively erase the device for testing, if removed from any linked iCloud/Find My account. If a device is not removed from iCloud/Find My, it will be activation locked on erase, requiring the Apple ID and password in order to unlock it (unless unlocked remotely via

We never recommend customers purchase a faulty MacBook to send to us for repair, since there is a high chance it will be iCloud locked if it is a 2018 or newer model, with no way of bypassing this. The only way to remove this lock, if details have been forgotten, is through Apple with the original proof of purchase.

If we receive a device for repair, have received confirmation to proceed with the repair attempt (for example, if it is a liquid damaged dead MacBook), and find it is password/iCloud locked, we will need either the password or the iCloud removed in order to test this. If you are unable to provide the password, and do not have the iCloud details to remove the lock for testing, you will still be liable for the full repair charge, as agreed. Alternatively, we may agree to scrap the device in order to recoup repair costs, at our discretion.

2017 and older models can be EFI locked, iCloud locked, and/or MDM locked; these can sometimes be removed at an additional charge, if we can validate you have legitimately purchased this. The same rules above apply however; if you don't want to remove these locks, you are still liable to pay for the repair charges agreed since we have carried out the work.


Repair Warranty

All successfully completed paid repairs (unless stated otherwise via direct contact with a customer) come with a 12 month (365 day) guarantee from the date of dispatch from us. In the rare event a part we have fitted has failed, we will replace it free of charge as long as it falls within the warranty period. 

We cannot warranty a device if it has suffered any physical or liquid damage, which has occurred after the initial repair. 

We cannot warranty the whole device, and can warranty only the parts we have used to repair the issue. We cannot be held liable for other issues unrelated to the repair. For example, if we replace the keyboard, we cannot be held responsible if the device develops a battery fault in the warranty period. We also cannot warranty a repair if we have not been able to fully test the device, due to the password not being provided (2018 and newer models) and no permission to erase it.

It is the customer's responsibility to contact us regarding any issues under the warranty period, and we will send out a label so you can get this returned to us.



If you wish to cancel a paid order, you can do so as long as the device has not already been shipped to us. You can request a cancellation by contacting us by email, phone or live chat, and quoting your order number.

If you wish to cancel a free order placed on our website (diagnostic or liquid damage assessment), simply contact us and we will close the order.

Refunds are usually processed the same day, but can take up to 3 working days. Once processed, if you initially paid via Paypal, you will receive the funds immediately. If you paid via credit/debit card it can take between 5-10 working days to receive funds, since it will have to be processed by your bank adding to the time.

If you have already shipped the device to us, we can still refund your order, but this will be minus a £40 charge to cover shipping of the device back to you.

In some cases, there will be a restocking fee if we have ordered a part across in anticipation for your repair. If this is the case, we will refund your order minus this fee, to cover our costs incurred.


Courier Losses & Claims

In the unlikely event that a parcel has gone missing in transit to/from us, the parcel is insured up to £1000 with options to increase this during the booking process, at the faulty value of the device (if on it's way to us) or working value (if fixed, and shipped back to you). There are some cases where the courier will not cover loss or damage, and we've listed these below;

  • If you have a camera cover installed and the screen is damaged in transit, the courier will not cover this. Camera covers make the screen uneven, and can cause added pressure to the screen; Apple advise against using camera covers:
  • If on the way to us, and there are no tracking scans showing the parcel has been picked up by the courier, this indicates either the Post Office still have the parcel (was never handed to the courier) or it has been handed to the wrong courier (Royal Mail). Shipping insurance only covers the parcel once collected by the courier, and does not cover loss if this has never been scanned in via the shipping manifest by the courier (Parcelforce). If the Post Office accidentally sorts the parcel to be collected by Royal Mail, this will normally arrive to us after a couple of weeks, with no tracking scans.
  • If on the way to you, and you have requested it to be left in a safe place (on a porch, for example). The courier has fulfilled the delivery request and it is not their responsibility if the parcel has been stolen after delivery, if you have requested it to be left somewhere. We always recommend signing for the parcel.
  • If damage occurs on the way to us, it will only be covered if you have followed our packaging guidelines. If you have not, and it is damaged in transit, it has not been packaged adequately.

For loss, the investigation process can take up to 2 weeks, and on some occasions, can take longer than this. The courier must be left to carry out the full investigation in their own time, before carrying out with the claims process. If the item lost in transit was in faulty condition, the value paid out will be based on it's faulty condition, not it's working condition. The insurance on the parcel is with the courier, and it is up to them to deal with and approve the claim; proof of purchase is required for any claim. If you do not have proof of purchase, the courier will not accept the claim, since there is no proof of the item ever being in transit.


Abandoned Devices

After diagnosing/repairing your device, if we have not received payment or heard from you within 90 days of emailing you, we have the right to dispose/recycle/resell your device to recoup our costs and free up space for other devices. The same applies if we have emailed to inform you your device cannot be fixed and are awaiting your response; we cannot hold onto devices longer than this time period due to limited storage space for incoming devices.

If you require more time (within reason) to make payment or a decision regarding your device, it is your responsibility to communicate with us and meet the deadline you set. We are happy to hold a device, if you are away, but we must be informed; if we haven't been made aware of this, the device will be disposed of after 90 days of contact.



You are welcome to provide the password for your device when booking in the repair; however this is not necessary for Macs, since we use an external SSD to test the device if required. We only require the password for your Mac if the issue is related to the hard drive/SSD. If you are sending an iPhone/iPad for our data recovery service, we require the password in order to retrieve the data; there is no other way to access the data.

Although we do not delete/erase data, it is always recommended you back up your data if possible. We cannot be held liable for any data loss and it is your responsibility to ensure any data you want is backed up before mailing the device to us.