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All orders include free 1 working day return delivery (insured up to £1000) in mainland UK. The item will usually be collected by the courier the same day the item has been packaged (Mon-Fri). The courier delivers the day after the item has been collected, but does not deliver on Saturdays or Sundays.

Options are available whilst booking to increase the insured amount. It is recommended you select the required insurance amount whilst booking the order. We cannot be held responsible if the item is not fully insured for its full amount, and this is your responsibility as the sender/receiver of the package.

In the rare event a delivered item has suffered damaged in transit, it is your responsibility to report the damage to us within 24hrs, and keep all packaging it arrived in.

If an item has been lost in transit, we will need a copy of the original receipt for the item in order to make a claim.



Payment can be made online via Paypal, Credit or Debit card.



Pricing on website subject to change. All prices include return delivery unless otherwise stated.


Repair Process

We aim to repair and dispatch the majority of devices within 48hrs of receipt, but this can take between 1-5 working days depending on our workload. For each repair on this website, the description will state the turnaround time, and can vary depending on the repair.

If there are any unforeseen delays, you will be kept up to date via email. We will always try our best to complete repairs ASAP, we understand you will need your device as quickly as possible.

If your device needs additional work or parts, you will be contacted and given a quote. The turnaround for these repairs vary depending on the parts needed to be ordered in (if applicable). You will always be informed of the estimated shipping time, and will be kept up to date if there are any further delays.

For whatever reason, if you want a device returned to you that has been sent to us for repair, we will refund you minus our diagnostic charge.


Diagnostic/Liquid Recovery Service

The Diagnostic/Liquid Recovery service includes return shipping in the cost. If the device can be repaired in the initial fee, it will be returned to you. If the device requires additional work to repair it, you will be contacted within the 1-5 working days. On the chance that service will take longer, we will contact you.

The Diagnostic/Liquid Recovery service is not a guaranteed fix, and covers the time/labour spent on your device. This also includes return P&P back to you. This service is non-refundable. If you choose not to go ahead with work on your device, we will return the device to you in the initial fee. 

Please note, due to the nature of liquid damaged devices, it is possible for the liquid damage to cause further issues when the device is used and still has power running through it, or even when sent in to us for diagnosis. We cannot be held responsible if the device develops further issues in our possession, which have been caused by the liquid damage. Over time, the liquid can gradually corrode parts and cause intermittent or permanent issues.

If your device cannot be repaired at a reasonable cost, we may offer to purchase the device from you at a price decided at the time. It is your choice whether to agree to this, we offer this at your benefit. We have the right to refuse purchase of any device if we deem it too damaged.


Additional Work

Additional work constitutes any extra work required on a device in for repair. Be this a device booked in for a standard repair, or diagnostic/liquid recovery service.

We will contact you within the usual turnaround time for the service booked, to inform you of any additional work required. It is your decision whether to proceed with this work, and if you do not want the work carried out, the device will be returned to you with a refund minus the diagnostic/liquid recovery charge fee.

Once we receive payment for additional work, your device will be passed back to the technician to commence work. If any parts need to be ordered to complete the work, you will be informed once you are given a quote for the additional work.

Additional work usually takes an extra 2-3 working days, but we will inform you if it may take longer (for example, if the part is difficult to get hold of, or we need to test your device for longer).


Express/Priority Service

For certain repairs, we offer an express/priority service where we can put your device ahead of the queue and get it repaired quicker than usual. We state the specific turnaround time for this on the repair page.

In this faster service, we will ship it within the stated time. If for whatever reason it is not shipped in the specified timescale, we will refund the express priority premium you have paid.

Please note, if there is a delay caused by the courier itself, we cannot offer reimbursement of the express/priority service charge. We are not in control of the courier company, and cannot be held responsible for any delays caused by them.

Repair Warranty

All successfully completed repairs (unless stated otherwise via direct contact with a customer) come with a 6 month (180 day) guarantee. In the rare event a part we have fitted has failed, we will replace it free of charge as long as it falls within the warranty period.

We cannot warranty a device if it has suffered any physical or liquid damage, which has occurred after the initial repair. 

We cannot warranty the whole device, and can warranty only the parts we have used to repair the issue. We cannot be held liable for other issues unrelated to the repair. For example, if we replace the keyboard, we cannot be held responsible if the device develops a battery fault in the warranty period.

It is the customer's responsibility to return the device to us under warranty. If the fault is covered under warranty, we may reimburse postage costs of a reasonable and agreeable amount.



If you wish to cancel your order, you can do so as long as the device has not already been shipped to us. You can request a cancellation by contacting us by email, phone or live chat, and quoting your order number.

Refunds are usually processed the same day, but can take up to 3 working days. Once processed, if you initially paid via Paypal, you will receive the funds immediately. If you paid via credit/debit card, it can take between 5-10 working days, since it will have to be processed by your bank.

If you have already shipped the device to us, we can still refund your order, but this will be minus our diagnostic charge to cover shipping back to you.


Abandoned Devices

After diagnosing/repairing your device, if we have not received payment within 90 days of emailing you, we have the right to dispose/recycle/resell your device to recoup our costs and free up space for other devices. The same applies if we have emailed to inform you your device cannot be fixed and are awaiting your response; we cannot hold onto devices over this period due to limited device storage space.

If you require more time (within reason) to make payment or a decision regarding your device, it is your responsibility to communicate with us and meet the deadline you set.



Please make sure the data on the device is backed up before sending it to us. If this is not possible, please make sure we can access the device to check all the functions (if it has a password, you must provide or remove this). Another way to allow us to fully test the device is to setup a guest account (if possible). If no access is provided to the device, we may not be able to fully test it.

We cannot be held liable for any data loss, although it is very rare for this to occur. It is your responsibility to ensure any data you want is backed up before mailing the device to us.