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Damaged Screen

If your MacBook's screen is damaged, we can get this fixed for you. We have listed below some of the issues you may be experiencing, which could indicate the screen is faulty;

  • The glass and/or display is cracked
  • There are lines in areas of the screen
  • There are visible ink marks on the screen
  • The image is jittering or fading in and out

In these cases, if the MacBook is still booting fine, a new screen will resolve the issue. If the MacBook is not booting up with visible defects on the screen, or there is no image at all, it is unlikely the screen will be causing the issue and we would recommend contacting us with more details.

Prices for a replacement screen vary depending on the model and year, so please contact us with your EMC or serial number (found on the bottom of the MacBook) along with the issue you are experiencing, and we will get a price for you. We don't list this repair on our website since the part price for some models fluctuate regularly, and we would rather get the best current price for you at the time of the quote.


Please fill in the form below for a quote to replace your damaged screen