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Damaged Screen

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If your MacBook's screen is damaged, we can get this fixed for you. We have listed below some of the issues you may be experiencing, which could indicate the screen is faulty;

  • The glass and/or display is cracked
  • There are lines in areas of the screen
  • There are visible ink marks on the screen
  • The image is jittering or fading to white

In these cases, if the MacBook is still booting fine, a new screen will resolve the issue. If the MacBook is not booting up with visible defects on the screen, there is no image at all, or no backlight, it is unlikely the screen will be causing the issue and we would recommend contacting us with more details.

Prices for a replacement screen vary depending on the model and year, and whether you would like the whole screen assembly replaced (with lid) or just the screen panel, reusing your original aluminium lid (if not badly bent out of shape or badly dented in). The model and year MacBook can be identified by the model number and EMC number on the bottom of your MacBook, or the serial number.

Please click your model below (refer to model number on the bottom of your MacBook) for prices of screen panel replacements, reusing your original aluminium lid;

MacBook Pro Retina

MacBook Air (Retina USB C Models)

MacBook Air (Non-Retina MagSafe Models)

MacBook Pro (Non-Retina)

  • MacBook Pro 13” 2008-2012 A1278 CONTACT US FOR PRICE/AVAILABILITY
  • MacBook Pro 15” 2008-2012 A1286 CONTACT US FOR PRICE/AVAILABILITY
  • MacBook Pro 17” 2009-2011 A1297 CONTACT US FOR PRICE/AVAILABILITY

If you require the full lid to be replaced too, we usually don’t recommend replacing this with a brand new one, due to the quality of assemblies available (unless you get this fixed through Apple, all are assembled by 3rd parties, and these often suffer loose hinge issues, picture/colour problems due to knock off cameras being used and general quality issues). We can see if we have a used assembly if interested, or we would suggest going through Apple to get it fixed, if the aluminium lid definitely needs replacing too.

Please fill in the form below for a quote to replace your damaged screen, if your device is not listed above