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LCD/LED Screen Repair - Macbook Air 13" A1369/A1466 (2010-2017)

LCD/LED Screen Repair - Macbook Air 13" A1369/A1466 (2010-2017)

  • £200.00

In this Macbook repair, we will replace the LCD/LED screen. You will need this repair if the picture is damaged (ink marks or lines usually), but the screen is still bright and lighting up.

We will reuse your original aluminium lid, replacing the screen panel itself, to keep everything original. The lid cannot be extremely bent out of shape, but can be dented in at the sides, corners or back. There is a possibility of dust being visible between the screen panel and backlight sheets on a white or pale screen (although we try our best to minimise this), since these are originally assembled in an extremely expensive dust-free factory, and we are doing this by hand. Very minor and the average user will never notice this especially considering how most MacBooks we receive have fingerprints and dirt covering the screen!

Please note, if you have a 2010 A1369 model, the brightness will be stuck at full brightness with the new screen replacement. Unfortunately this is unavoidable since only the newer BOE manufactured Apple screen panels are available, which have different firmware to the older Samsung and LG screen panels used on 2010 models. This doesn't affect 2011 A1369 models, or 2012-2017 A1466 models.

We are very experienced in Macbook screen repairs, so you know you will be getting a quick and high quality repair. If you are unsure of the issue with your Macbook, please book it for our Diagnostic Service, or Contact Us.

Turnaround Time

Please allow up to 7 working days for this repair. We will post this back using a 24hr courier.

Repair Service Warranty

For any parts we have fitted for this service, we will give you peace of mind and provide a 12 month warranty.

Please note, this warranty is valid on successful completion of a repair, and does not cover physical or liquid damage which has occurred after the initial repair. We can only warranty any work we carry out, we cannot warranty the whole device.

For full details, please visit our Terms & Conditions.