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Screen Panel Replacement (Cracked / Lines / Ink Damage) - MacBook Air Retina 13" A2179 (Early 2020)

Screen Panel Replacement (Cracked / Lines / Ink Damage) - MacBook Air Retina 13" A2179 (Early 2020)

  • £360.00


In this repair, we will replace the outer glass screen and the internal Retina screen, reusing your original aluminium lid. You will need this repair if the outer glass screen is cracked and/or the display (picture) is damaged, showing lines, flickering or there are visible ink marks. The screen panel on this model is one unit, so you will need this repair if you have any of these issues. Please note, if the sides or corners of the aluminium lid are dented or bent, or the lid is curved out of shape, it may not be possible to replace just the screen panel; please contact us with images if you aren't sure. For the MacBook Air Retina 13" Early 2020, this is just for the screen panel replacement, not the glass logo strip below the screen which says "MacBook Air". If this is damaged as well, please select the option in the drop down menu and we'll replace this too.

Please note, since we are fitting the screen panel by hand (something which is normally carried out by machines in a factory lab grade cleanroom), it's possible there may be minor imperfections or a few specks of dust between the screen panel and backlight sheets, which will be visible through the new screen. We try our best to limit this, and most customers do not notice any imperfections (usually only visible on a white screen if looking for them), but the only way to avoid this is by replacing the whole lid assembly with an Apple assembled screen, since these are assembled in factory (only Apple have access to these, and any 3rd party replacing the whole lid will be fitting a 3rd party assembled screen, which will have the same imperfections along with other issues). Read below for more information of the benefits of replacing the screen panel instead of the whole lid.

Many companies will say it is "impossible" to replace the screen panel alone, and will try to charge over £400 for the full screen assembly with lid, to do this repair. This is not the case and we are one of the only companies in the UK replacing the screen panel alone, and were the only company in the UK advertising this repair for older 2012-2015 Retina models between 2015-2018, when the screens for these were still available.

The benefit of replacing just the screen panel, is that we reuse your original lid; this ensures there are no calibration issues with True Tone, brightness or contrast, which are all retained in the camera module, built into the lid. Any company replacing the full screen assembly with lid, will be fitting a 3rd party assembled screen even though these are sold as genuine, which will often have calibration issues, and the hinges often become loose after a few months, due to a lower grade of hinges being used. Only Apple themselves can fit a new Apple assembled screen with lid, and depending on the model, these usually cost in the region of £500-£550!

We are very experienced in MacBook Retina screen panel replacements, so you know you will be getting a quick and high quality repair. If you are unsure of the issue with your MacBook, please book it for our Diagnostic Service, or Contact Us.

Turnaround Time

Please allow up to 7 working days for this repair. We will post this back using a 24hr courier.

Repair Service Warranty

For any parts we have fitted for this service, we will give you peace of mind and provide a 12 month warranty.

Please note, this warranty is valid on successful completion of a repair, and does not cover physical or liquid damage which has occurred after the initial repair. We can only warranty any work we carry out, we cannot warranty the whole device.

For full details, please visit our Terms & Conditions.