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Express Service

As a repair company, we understand that some customers may need their devices up and running as quickly as possible. Whether your company cannot afford to have any downtime on devices, you have an upcoming dissertation due, or you just can't bare to be without it, this is the service for you!

If you need your Mac fixed ASAP, we offer an Express Service for an additional charge, which can be booked for most services we offer and certain repairs too. With the Express Service, we have listed below some terms which need to be read before you book this in.

All Macs Booked For Our Express Service

  • Timescales stated on the diagnostic or repair page are working days once your MacBook is received; we do not work on weekends or Bank Holidays, or periods we are closed (any upcoming closed dates are stated at the top of our website).
  • We cannot refund this service if there is a delay in postage either way; the Express Service applies only to the period of time we have your device in our possession.

If You Have Booked Our Diagnostic Service, Liquid/Water Recovery Service Or Logic Board Diagnostic Service:

  • The Express Service fee is non-refundable, even if your device is not repairable or you decide not to proceed with the work we quote. In either a fixed or non-fixed outcome, we are still taking the time to prioritise your device over other repairs.
  • We will have an update for you either the same working day, or the next working day after the device is received. It may not be fully repaired and shipped within this time (although in some cases, it can be, depending on the difficulty and part stock). After this update, if you give us the go ahead, repairs then typically take 2-3 working days on top of this, but can take longer under rare circumstances (parts difficult to obtain, etc) which you will be made aware of. Your MacBook will be prioritised in the 2-3 working day period, and ahead of other devices in the queue, but we allow this time in case we need to order parts in or have difficulty fixing your issue (if repairing the original part).

If You Have Booked Your MacBook In Directly For a Repair (Screen Replacement, Keyboard, Battery, Etc)

  • The Express Service fee is non-refundable, if you have booked your MacBook in for an incorrect repair, or the device is unrepairable. For example, if you booked it in for a screen replacement, and the issue was an unfixable problem related to the logic board (instead of a screen problem), the Express Service fee is still charged. This is because we have checked your MacBook in our faster turnaround, the same as we would with a MacBook booked for a diagnostic Express Service.
  • We will repair and ship your MacBook within 3 working days of receipt. For example, if we receive your MacBook on a Monday, this will be shipped out by latest of Wednesday. If we receive your MacBook on a Friday, it will be shipped out by latest of Tuesday. Weekends, Bank Holidays and closed times stated at the top of our website do not count as working days, since we will be closed.

If you are happy with the above, feel free to book your device in for our Express Service and we will get you up and running as quickly as possible! If you have any questions about this service, don't hesitate to contact us.