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Speakers, Camera, Microphone and Other Issues


If your MacBook has an issue with the speakers, camera, microphone, or something else, we can resolve the issue. Prices vary depending on the model and year, so it's difficult to list the exact prices, and it is best to contact us with your model details. Also, in some cases, the part which isn't working isn't the cause of the issue (for example, no audio out the speakers does not mean the speakers are faulty). We have listed some symptoms of each of these issues below;

  • Distortion/blown speakers are usually a speaker issue. Sometimes, distortion can instead be a logic board issue (or audio board, depending on if the model has one), and also no audio out of one/both speakers normally points to a logic board or audio board issue, rather than the speakers.
  • Camera not working can be an issue with the camera module (inside the screen assembly) or logic board, which powers and communicates with the camera.
  • Microphone quiet or not working at all. This will be an issue with the microphone if quiet (or may just need a clean out), and normally will be the microphone if not working at all, although it can rarely be a logic board issue.
  • Other issues such as keyboard lighting (keyboard backlight), random crashing, stuck on Apple logo, etc, can be a caused by a variety of things.

Prices for the above parts vary depending on the model, year and what is actually causing the problem, since it will not always be caused by the part which isn't working. We recommend contacting us with the EMC or serial number (found on the bottom of the MacBook) and describing the issue you are experiencing, using the link below. We will then get back to you with a quote based on what it's most likely to be on your model, and would then recommend you book it for our Diagnostic Service to check your MacBook over, and find out what is causing your problem.


Please fill in the form below to get a quote for your issue, including your problem along with your EMC or serial number, found on the bottom of your MacBook.