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Keyboard Issues

Keyboard issues are fairly commonly experienced after spilling liquid directly over the keyboard itself. Common symptoms are some/all keys not working, keys being pressed by themselves and multiple keys being activated when only pressing one key.

If your device has any of the above issues, the issue should be related to the keyboard. If none of the keys are working except for the power button, this is sometimes a trackpad or trackpad cable issue on the newer models, and we therefore recommend booking your device for our free diagnostic service if you are experiencing this issue.

You can click a model below to get your MacBook booked in directly for the keyboard replacement on our website;

MacBook Pro Retina (With Touch Bar)
13" Late 2020 M1 A2338
13" Early 2020 A2251
13" Early 2020 A2289
13" 2019 A2159 Currently Unavailable
16" 2019 A2141
13" 2018-2019 A1989
15" 2018-2019 A1990
13" 2016-2017 A1706
15" 2016-2017 A1707

MacBook Pro Retina (Without Touch Bar)
14" 2021 A2442 Currently Unavailable
16" 2021 A2485 Currently Unavailable
13" 2016-2017 A1708
13" 2013-2015 A1502
15" 2012-2015 A1398
13" 2012-Early 2013 A1425

MacBook Air
13" Late 2020 M1 A2337
13" Early 2020 A2179
13" 2018-2019 A1932
13" 2010-2017 A1369/A1466
11" 2010-2015 A1370/A1465

MacBook Pro Unibody
13" A1278 2008-2012
15" A1286 2008-2012
17" A1297 2009-2012

If you would prefer to have the device checked first, to make sure the keyboard is the issue, click here to book it for our free diagnostic service

If you cannot see a price above, please fill in the form below with your model number and EMC number (found on the bottom of the device) to contact us for a price