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Keyboard Issues

Keyboard issues are fairly commonly experienced after spilling liquid directly over the keyboard itself. Common symptoms are some/all keys not working, keys being pressed by themselves and multiple keys being activated when only pressing one key.

If your device has any of the above issues, the issue should be related to the keyboard. If a diagonal row of keys are not working, the keyboard is not working at all, or keys are working on their own (especially on 2010-2012 MacBook Airs); the issue may instead be related to the logic board, trackpad or a different part, and we would suggest booking it for a diagnostic service here. We would also suggest booking it for a diagnostic if you are unable to test and check the other functions of the device, due to the faulty keyboard.


Please click here to see a list of the models and the keyboard replacement offered for each model.

If you cannot see a keyboard replacement service for your model, please fill in the form below for a quote. If it's not listed, it doesn't mean we don't repair it. Some keyboards fluctuate in price more than others, or are more difficult to get, so we prefer not to have a fixed price listed on the website to ensure you get the best and most current quote possible.