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Cracked Bottom Glass Strip Under Screen/Bottom Glass Bezel With Logo

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If the bottom glass bezel strip (underneath the screen) on your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air is cracked, we can replace this with a new genuine glass replacement. We fit the same as the original (same text and text colour), and we don't use cheaper OEM/copies, where the font of the text is different and these can sometimes be plastic.

    The screen must not be damaged (image must be fully functional), and if this has issues, you will need the screen panel replaced as well; replacing just the bottom glass strip won't resolve your problem.

    Prices for the bottom glass strip vary depending on the model and year, but we have included links below, depending on the screen size and model. The model and year MacBook can be identified by the model number and EMC number on the bottom of your MacBook, or the serial number.

    Please click your model below (refer to model number on the bottom of your MacBook) for prices of a bottom glass strip replacement;



    Please fill in the form below if you have any questions about replacing your MacBook's Bottom Glass Bezel