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Battery Problems

If your MacBook battery is experiencing issues, we can resolve the issue. A battery may need replacing for a number of reasons;

  • It's running out quickly
  • The Mac is only working on charge
  • A battery warning is being displayed ("Service Battery", "Replace Now", etc)
  • It is displaying an "X" where the battery symbol is
  • The battery is not charging

A new battery will resolve most of the issues above, but sometimes the issue can be related to the logic board or a different component instead (for example, a faulty data line in regards to point 4, or a faulty charger port for point 5). Depending on the issue, we would recommend booking it for a diagnostic service, so we can check this over and let you know what is causing the issue (click here).

New batteries vary in cost depending on the model, so we recommend contacting us with the EMC or serial number (found on the bottom of the MacBook), describing the issue and we will then be able to get a price for you. We don't list this repair on our website since the part price for some models fluctuate regularly, and we would rather get the best current price for you at the time of the quote.


Please fill in the form below for a quote to replace your faulty battery