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Trackpad Issues

If your MacBook has a trackpad problem, we're here to help. A trackpad may need replacing for a number of reasons;

  • It's cracked
  • The cursor is moving/jumping on it's own
  • There are dead zones in the movement of the trackpad
  • The click function is not working at all, or the trackpad may have to be pressed hard to register clicks
  • The trackpad is not working at all or a different reason

In most cases, a new trackpad will resolve your issue. Sometimes the issue may not be caused by the trackpad itself, and may just need adjusting, or could have an issue relating to the trackpad cable or a different component.

Prices for a new trackpad vary depending on the model, and we recommend contacting us with the EMC or serial number (found on the bottom of the MacBook) and describing the issue you are experiencing with your Mac. We don't list this repair on our website since the part price for some models fluctuate regularly, and we would rather get the best current price for you at the time of the quote.


Please fill in the form below for a quote to replace your faulty trackpad