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MacBook Repairs in Southend-on-Sea, Essex

In need of a MacBook repair in Southend-on-Sea? We've got you covered...

With years of experience dealing exclusively with Macs and over 1000 positive reviews across platforms, we are your go-to local repair company. We specialise in Mac and MacBook repairs, and do not take on other devices for repair like phones and tablets; we know what we're fantastic at, and don't try to be a 'jack of all trades' shop!

With a free diagnostic, no fix, no fee and a 12 month warranty on each repair we carry out, there is a reason we are the top choice for individuals and businesses all across the UK using our free postal service. We carry out all repairs in-house and stock the majority of parts for nearly every model from 2009 to present to ensure repairs are completed quickly and efficiently.

We repair MacBooks locally and nationally, and have customers drop their device in from Leigh-on-Sea, Southend, Westcliff, Chelmsford and even as far as London!


Common Issues We Fix

  • Liquid damaged MacBooks - These are our bread and butter! If you have spilled a drink on your MacBook, all is not lost; the majority of liquid damaged MacBooks we receive for repair are fixable and economic to repair.
  • Not turning on or booting - MacBooks are well built, but sometimes they just stop working for no reason. We don't say no to a challenge and will be happy to get you up and running again!
  • Logic board issues - If you have been told your MacBook has an issue with the logic board, we can help. We have years of experience diagnosing Mac logic boards and know the circuits, along with common failures and manufacturing defects, like the back of our hands!
  • Keyboard problems - If certain keys or rows of keys have stopped responding, or the whole keyboard, we will be able to repair this for you. We replace the keyboard itself, rather than the whole aluminium enclosure (which Apple do), which will save you a lot of money and cut costs down. If you're missing a few keys, but these are working, we can replace the individual keys and get you going again.
  • Trackpad not responding - Common on MacBook Airs, but also seen on other models too. We can replace the trackpad to resolve issues with this not responding, or not clicking or moving as expected.
  • Anything else - Issue not listed above? It doesn't mean we can't help. We have just listed our most common repairs, and are happy to take on any Mac issue, as long as it is cost effective and will be a long lasting repair.

    Want To Book Your Mac Repair?

    Do you want us to fix your MacBook? Simply click one of the links below, add the service to the cart, and go through the steps to get this booked in.

    Once booked, feel free to drop it in to our shop at the address below and we'll get your device checked out;

    eFix Ltd
    293 Eastwood Rd North
    SS9 4LT


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