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Liquid Staining Inside Screen (Backlight Sheet Replacement)

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If there is liquid inside your screen (causing glowing liquid marks), or impact marks in the form of light spots on a white screen (but either way, the screen still functions fully), we can replace the backlight sheets to resolve the issue. There is no need to replace the full screen; there are diffuser sheets behind the screen panel (to evenly distribute light from the bottom LEDs), and it's just a case where these are stained and need replacing. Doing it this way is cheaper than a full Apple assembled screen replacement, and we keep your original aluminium lid, camera, hinges and screen panel, so you don't lose quality, like when fitting a full screen assembly with lid (all are 3rd party assembled), purchased from eBay or elsewhere.

    The screen must not be damaged (no lines, cracks, etc), and just have liquid staining inside the screen. If backlight LEDs are visible at the bottom of the screen, this may need the backlight LED strip replacing too (please contact us if this is the case).

    Prices for the backlight sheet replacement vary depending on the model and year, but we have included links below, depending on the screen size and model. The model and year MacBook can be identified by the model number and EMC number on the bottom of your MacBook, or the serial number.

    Please click your model below (refer to model number on the bottom of your MacBook) for prices to replace the backlight sheets;



    Please fill in the form below if you have any questions about replacing your MacBook's backlight sheets.