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GPU/Graphics Chip Issues

If your MacBook is experiencing issues indicating a problem with the GPU/Graphics chip, we may or may not be able to help depending on the model you have, since some models have a common misconception where the issue points to a GPU fault, but instead is related to something completely different. We have listed some models and common issues below;

  • If you have a 2010 15" or 17" model which is crashing during use, whilst booting, is running slowly or is kernel panicking, your issue is unlikely to be related to the GPU and has a high chance of being fixed.
  • If you have a 2012 Retina 15" MacBook which is displaying no image, the image cuts out during usage or it is kernel panicking, the issue is unlikely to be related to the GPU and has a high chance of being repaired.
  • If you have a 2013/2014 Retina 15" MacBook which is suddenly powering off during use, the issue is unlikely to be related to the CPU/GPU and is likely repairable.
  • If you have a 2011 15" or 17" model which is displaying vertical bars or otherwise not booting up correctly, this will be related to the GPU and is not something we repair, for the reasons below.

If you have any of the models with the issues listed above (with the exception of the 2011 15"/17" models), a lot of repair companies outright say the issue will definitely be related to the CPU or GPU, when this is usually not the case. The issue is more likely to be related to the logic board, which is something we can usually repair. We would suggest booking it for our logic board diagnostic service here, so we can check this out for you.

Unfortunately GPUs can no longer be bought new for most MacBook models and the majority available on the market being sold as new are in fact used; where sellers reball the used GPU with leaded solder (when the originals use unleaded solder), sand down the GPU die, reprint a fake newer date code and sell it as a brand new GPU.

A lot of repair companies will offer to replace the GPU for £200+, but the repair has a high chance of failing 3-4 months later (since it is not a brand new GPU), and you will be left out of pocket and usually, the repair company will refuse to help you. For this reason, we do not offer GPU replacements since we believe it is not in your best interest, and prefer to be honest with customers. If you have a 2011 model, we highly recommend selling it on eBay for spares instead of repairing it.


If you have an issue as mentioned above and your device is not a 2011 model, please fill in the form below and provide a description of your issue along with the EMC or serial number found on the bottom of the MacBook, so we can identify the exact model and year