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Faulty Touch Bar

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If your MacBook's Touch Bar is faulty or cracked, we can replace this to resolve the issue. We have listed below some of the issues you may be experiencing, which could indicate the Touch Bar is faulty;

  • The glass is cracked
  • There are lines/coloured bars or ink marks inside the Touch Bar
  • There are missing sections of the image on the Touch Bar
  • The MacBook crashes when it is put to sleep (not always a Touch Bar issue and recommend booking for a diagnostic first instead)
  • No touch or display on the Touch Bar (not always a Touch Bar issue and recommend booking for a diagnostic first instead)

In the above cases, unless mentioned otherwise, the Touch Bar is normally at fault and is something we can replace to resolve the issue, whilst keeping your original aluminium palmrest intact.

Prices for Touch Bar replacements vary depending on the exact model and year, but we have listed links below to each repair in the list below. The model and year MacBook can be identified by the model number and EMC number on the bottom of your MacBook, or the serial number.

Please click your model below (refer to model number on the bottom of your MacBook) for prices of a Touch Bar replacement;



    To replace the Touch Bar, the aluminium top case/palmrest will need to be flat; if bent out of shape around the Touch Bar, please get in touch with us first.

    Please fill in the form below if you have any questions about replacing your MacBook Touch Bar