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MacBook Pro 13" A1708 2016-2017 Repairs

We only repair MacBooks, no other devices, and therefore are true MacBook repair specialists. We stock parts for the majority of MacBooks from 2009 onwards, and carry out a lot of repairs which other repair shops outsource to us, due to the knowledge and tools required.

If you have a MacBook Pro 13" A1708 which needs repair, we've listed repairs we offer for this model on this page; we're upfront with pricing and don't hide this, so you don't have to contact us to find out what it will cost to fix your MacBook. We carry out liquid damage repairs, logic board repairs, screen replacements, batteries, keyboards and more for all models. If you need multiple repairs carried out on the same device, please contact us, since the price will be cheaper than the individually listed website prices.

Please select your issue from one of the options below and we can get this fixed. If you need to contact us for any reason, feel free to get in touch