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If you're looking to get a screen replacement for cheaper, this may be the right option for you. Occasionally, we receive batches of screen panels which we cannot fit for customers as Grade A+ 'perfect' screens, so we can't use them. Any which can't be used, we send back to our supplier, but any with very minor defects average users will not notice, we offer as Grade A- screens, with very minor defects. Going with a Grade A- screen panel can save £60 or more, depending on the model, compared to fitting a Grade A+ screen panel, so this is a popular option!

We have a lot of customers who choose Grade A- screen panels, where they just want a working screen for the least amount of money possible, usually where their original screen is completely unusable. If you just use your MacBook for Internet browsing, watching videos and general basic usage, we recommend fitting Grade A- screens, since it's unlikely you will even notice the imperfections.

Grade A- screen panels are fully functional as displays, but will have minor defects which we have listed below;

Dead Pixels: These will have very minor dead pixels, only seen on specific shades of white and black in one specific area of the screen, usually around text in this area. These are not permanently visible pixels on all colours, please watch the video below to see how unnoticeable these are. This is extremely minor and doesn't impact usage, the average user will not ever notice this, and we only do because we are trained to thoroughly check all screens before fitting! Please see the annotated pictures and video below as an example;

Dead Pixels  Dead Pixels