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Please view the video below, showing a Grade A- new screen panel replacement after fitting.


If you're looking to get a screen replacement for cheaper, this may be the right option for you. Occasionally, we receive batches of screen panels which we cannot fit for customers as Grade A+ 'perfect' screens, so we can't use them.

Any which can't be used, we send back to our supplier, but any with very minor defects average users will not notice, we offer as Grade A- screens, with very minor defects. Going with a Grade A- screen panel can save £60 or more, depending on the model, compared to fitting a Grade A+ screen panel, so this is a popular option! For some models, we may only have Grade A- screen panels available; this is due to shortages of components required for manufacturing these, so sometimes we can only get screen panels which Apple themselves can’t use (and they prioritise manufacturing newer screens to sell new models, causing this shortage).

We have a lot of customers who choose Grade A- screen panels, where they just want a working screen for the least amount of money possible, usually where their original screen is completely unusable. If you just use your MacBook for Internet browsing, watching videos and general basic usage, we recommend fitting Grade A- screens, since it's unlikely you will even notice the imperfections. If you want a perfect screen panel, choose Grade A+ (if available), but we normally recommend going directly to Apple, since we fit these by hand and direct Apple is the absolute best quality available, but their price matches this!

Grade A- screen panels are fully functional as displays, but may have one or a variety of minor imperfections (some may not have any imperfections at all) which we have listed below;

Glass Defects: The glass itself will be new, with no scratches or chips, but may have a few minor imperfections, which is just an error in the manufacturing process for the glass. This can include an extremely small dot (only seen with screen off, in bright light), the edge glass of the screen not being properly rounded, where it touches the rubber bezel, or similar very minor imperfections most do not notice.

Colour: Sometimes the general colour of the screen may have a slight green tint to it, compared to the original colour. This can be resolved via the Colour settings in Display (located in System Preferences); the colour can be calibrated to your preference.

(Extremely Rare) Dead Pixels: These may have very minor dead pixels, sometimes only seen on specific shades of colours in one specific area of the screen. These will not permanently visible pixels on all colours, and will be extremely minor/unnoticeable for the average user (we just look out for these, which is how we notice these).


Overall, if you do not need a perfect screen for graphic design, this screen grade is perfect for you, and will save a lot of money compared to the Grade A+ alternative!