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Christmas Closed Dates 2021

We love fixing MacBooks, but like everyone, we also enjoy some well deserved time-off; we're only human!

We have listed below our closed dates coming up, along with the 'last label' date;

'Last Label' Date: 16:30pm 26th November 2021. This is the final day in 2021 where we will send out labels to receive MacBooks for repair

Christmas Closed Dates: 18th December 2021-3rd January 2022

We will be working up until the 17th December to fix and ship your MacBook out, and are not sending any new labels after the 26th November to give ourselves time to receive and fix any MacBooks sent in before our closing dates. Telephone, live chat and email support will be available up until the 17th December. We will be back to work as normal on the 4th January 2022.

If you need a repair, please get it booked in before the 26th November (otherwise you will have to wait until next year, if you want us to fix it). You can click here to book it for our free diagnostic check, here if you have spilt liquid on it, or feel free to fill the form in below with your serial number (found on the bottom of the MacBook) and issue, and we'll get a quote for you.

Have a great Christmas break and a Happy New Year!