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Why We Don't Offer iPhone Repairs

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Being an electronic repair company, we often get previous customers come back to us, asking for a quote on a cracked iPhone. Obviously this is understandable, they are pleased with their repaired Mac and would like us to do the same job with their phone. We do honestly want to help with this, but choose not to and I will explain why below...

Part Quality

No matter what any repair shop tells you, they are not using an original screen to carry out the repair. Having worked in the mobile phone repair industry before this for around 4 years, I can tell you there are the following grades of iPhone screens;

Full Copy: The LCD is an aftermarket part, most likely by Tienma. All other parts are aftermarket.
Original LCD, Copy Glass, Bezel + Backlight: An original LCD (LCD removed from a cracked original iPhone screen) and all other parts are aftermarket.
Full Original Refurbished: The best quality a 3rd party repair shop can get. Original LCD which is removed from a broken original screen, then original backlight, bezel and glass fitted using machinery. Actual quality depends on how well it is refurbished and put together.
Full Original: The best quality, no questions asked. Only Apple can get hold of these.

Most repair shops use the cheapest parts, since there is not much profit in phone repair due to how competitive it is, which means the screen will usually randomly fail after a while (touch issues, picture cuts out, etc).

In the past couple of years, refurbishing screens has become a bigger service available (meaning better quality screens if done properly), but there can still be issues with the final product depending on QC, and the screens are usually more expensive. There is also the fact that they are refurbishing a previously dropped/cracked/trodden on screen, so the LCD is not exactly brand new.

More Competition + Increased Part Cost - Quality = Industry Decline

Having worked at a mobile phone repair shop for nearly 4 years prior to creating this company, I have worked through the highs and lows of iPhone repair. 

Initially it was a great business to be in! Early iPhone models were very profitable to repair, due to the low cost of parts, how quickly the repair could be completed and the low risk. As time went on, the time spent per device was generally the same (barring the iPhone 4/4S), but parts cost was increasing, quality of parts were decreasing and risk was increasing (with introduction of the Touch ID home button sensors, if a technician broke this, the fingerprint reader would never work again).

Over the years, I saw a significant decrease in profit on the company books due to the above factors, more competition and a lot more warranty return issues. Even though I was working at one of the biggest phone repair shops in the UK, which would receive anywhere between 30-110 devices a day, the fact that it affected this company says a lot about the iPhone repair industry in general.

Apple Fix It Cheaper?!

Yes, it's true! Unlike Mac repair Apple are usually cheaper, for the newer models of iPhone anyway. Below is a list of Apple's iPhone screen replacement pricing, something a 3rd party usually doesn't show you;

Pretty reasonable, considering a non-original iPhone 7 screen costs around £130-£150 at the time of writing (just for the part!). Not only this, you are guaranteed to get a genuine iPhone screen going through Apple. A lot of 3rd party repairers know Apple can repair the newer models for cheaper, with better quality parts, but they don't mention this.


So that's why we don't offer iPhone repairs, there are probably more reasons, but those are the top 3. We forward all customers who ask us for newer iPhone repair the above table, a link to Apple's iPhone repair page and recommend they go through them to get this fixed, so they can get a good quality part fitted.

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