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Water Damaged Macbook? We Can Fix It!

Posted by eFix Ltd on

Spilt coffee on your Macbook keyboard? Left it out in the rain? Don't worry, we can fix it!

Water Damage

A lot of people believe water damage is not worth fixing, or cannot be fixed. At eFix Ltd, we have the professional equipment required to recover your water damaged Macbook. We carry out a number of processes on Macbooks with water damage, to get them to full working order.

1. Firstly, we disassemble the Macbook and put the logic board in a Crest ultrasonic cleaner (best in the electronic field, we do NOT use jewellery cleaners!), to remove corrosion and damage caused by the liquid. The cleaner uses a process called cavitation to clean under small components such as IC chips.

2. We will allow the logic board to dry, then see if it has recovered the Macbook. If it is working, we will send this back.

3. If the Macbook is not working still, all is not lost! We will carry out component and logic board diagnostics to determine which parts need replacing. If the logic board has a fault, we will use schematics to find out which circuitry is causing the issue, and replace fuses, resistors or chips to get this working.

We have a high success rate using our method of cleaning water damage. The only cases in which a Macbook cannot be fixed, is if it is not cost effective to do so. It is very rare this is the case however.

Don't buy a new one. Save money and fix your Macbook! Follow the link below to book this service.

Water/Liquid Recovery Service: £24.99

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