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Get Your Macbook Air Cracked Screen Fixed, At A Reasonable Price!

Posted by eFix Ltd on

Macbook Air 13 Screen Repair

Why pay upwards of £300 to get your Macbook Air fixed with another company? Our most popular repairs are screen repairs, Macbook Air's being nearly as popular as the Retina's. Find out why below.

Like with the Macbook Retina's, many other companies replace the whole top lid to repair the screen, which unnecessarily adds to the cost (especially if the top aluminium is in mint condition)! The reason other companies do this is due to the inexperience of carrying out this repair, since it is a different process to the traditional LCD replacement. It is also seen by others as risky and challenging.

However, we are one of the few companies in the UK who like a challenge! We can professionally replace just the LCD/LED screen, saving you a lot of money, making it more worthwhile to repair!

Follow a link below to get your Macbook booked with us today!


Macbook Air 11" A1370/A1465: £109.99 (as of writing this article)
Macbook Air 13" A1369/A1466: £279.99 (as of writing this article)

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