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Macbook Pro Retina Cracked Screen Repair - How Are We The Cheapest?

Posted by eFix Ltd on

One we have fixed!

This repair is one of our most popular we carry out. The reason for this? We can replace the screen for £219.99 (as of writing this article), opposed to £300+ quotes we hear customers getting from other repair companies.

A question we are asked a lot is; "Why can you repair this around £100 cheaper than other shops?". The answer? We can replace just the screen, whereas most other companies can only replace the screen with the top aluminium lid.

We have invested the time to perfect replacing the screen on these models, passing the savings onto you, and making this repair a lot more affordable. Other companies say this is impossible, but the truth is they do not have the tools and/or experience to do what we do. The screens we use are exactly the same quality retina screens as the original ones, we are not using "cheaper" or "knockoff" screens to achieve this (another thing repair centres say, to try to get you to pay more).

Don't put it off, get your Macbook Retina fixed for a fair price. Do not believe companies when they are trying to convince you into paying £100+ more for this repair. It is not necessary to spend the extra money, use us and see for yourself!

Macbook Retina 13" A1425 (2012-Early 2013) currently £209.99
Macbook Retina 13" A1502 (Late 2013-Present) currently £219.99
Macbook Retina 15" A1398 (2012-Present) currently £219.99

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